How to Clear Blackheads for Good with Ten Simple Home Remedies

Blackheads are an annoying condition of the skin which appears as small bumps protruding from the skin. Blackheads are caused when the skin pores are clogged by excessive fat being secreted from the sebaceous gland as well as dead cells. They can be a bit itchy but generally, it is their stand out presence which can significantly change your appearance. With the fear over the effect of the cosmetic products used to remove black heads, here are ten remedies you can use at home for blackhead removal.


Turmeric has a well-earned reputation as a wonder-sauce. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it highly effective in treating black heads and soothing the affected areas. Blackhead removal All you need is turmeric powder and another ingredient to make a thick paste. You can use coconut oil, mint paste, milk or even plain water. In case you fear staining caused by turmeric, you can look for the non-edible variety. After creating the paste, you apply it to the affected areas and leave it to dry for ten to fifteen minutes. Afterward, wash off gently with lukewarm water. You can make this a daily routine to not just treat but also prevent the occurrence of blackheads.


Honey is one of the naturally occurring antibacterial ingredients for blackhead removal. It also has antiseptic properties which make it effective in blackhead removal. This is because honey cleanses the skin and rids the pores of any dirt and bacteria that may be clogging them. Honey also has a hydrating quality which improves the skin’s elasticity rejuvenating it and giving it a fresh complexion. All you need is about a tablespoon of honey in a small container. Heat the honey until it is warm to your hand touch. Apply the warm honey to each of the blackheads and the surrounding area and leave to soak for about 20 minutes. Better still, you can leave the honey on overnight to rinse in the morning.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the best home remedies and other acne related conditions. It is effective in the treatment of blackheads because it is a great exfoliating agent. This means it helps scrub the skin removing any material that is clogging the skin pores. It also helps to regulate the skin’s pH level reducing the amount of oil produced by the skin. You need a tablespoon amount of baking soda mixed with water to create an even paste. Apply the paste in a circular motion on the blackheads and surrounding areas and leave it to dry for ten minutes. You can then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Baking soda should not be used daily because it can cause your skin to dry. Once or twice a week application is enough to achieve desired results.


This great breakfast cereal is great for blackhead removal on your skin because of its antioxidant properties. Its particles also help in skin exfoliation and cleansing freeing up the clogged pores. Oatmeal helps in blackhead removal by loosening up the pores and soaking up excess oil in the skin. It is recommended for those with sensitive skin where other remedies result in a reaction. Get oatmeal after cooking it under normal instructions. You then apply a generous amount of it on the face in a gentle rubbing motion and leave it for 10-20 minutes before rinsing the face. You can also use oatmeal with yogurt, and small amounts of honey and lemon juice to create a paste to apply on the blackheads. Oatmeal treatment can be done once every day for faster and effective blackhead removal.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is effective in the treatment of acne conditions and blackhead removal. It contains citric acid which is useful in unclogging blocked pores that result in blackheads. It also has vitamin C which improves collagen production that improves skin health and prevents scarring from acne conditions. You can use lemon juice as an overnight cleanser of your face. First, rinse your face off and dab it to dry. Then squeeze lemon juice in a small amount into a bottle or container. Use this amount to wet a piece of cotton and apply gently to the blackheads on the face at bedtime. Leave overnight and rinse in the morning. Apply this two to three times a week for effective results. Blackhead removal does not get any easier than this.


This is another home spice that is effective in removing blackheads. It has antibacterial properties and also helps in improving the blood flow where it is applied. This leads to a healthy fresh glow on your skin and it also helps clear up excess oil and dead skin. It works well when made into a paste with lemon juice or honey for a potent overnight facial cleanser. Make a paste and apply to the affected areas and leave it to sit overnight then rinse in the morning. You should use it on a daily basis for ten days to see expected results. Cinnamon has been used for years in blackhead removals through out the world.

Egg whites

Egg whites contain nutrients essential to the maintenance of an even skin tone with the right elasticity. They also help to absorb any material that has filled pores even at the deep layers. They make an effective treatment especially for people with oily skin. All you need is an egg and some facial tissue and a container to place the egg whites in after separating them from the yolk. Once this is done rinse your face and gently dry it with a cloth. Apply the egg white thinly over the face and place the facial tissue over the egg white layer pressing gently into your skin. Allow for drying before adding another layer of egg whites on top of the first facial tissue and then cover with another tissue and allow for drying. Once this is dry, peel the masks and rinse to remove any residue. It is quite powerful when it comes to blackhead removal. Indeed most blackhead removal experts advocate for use of egg whites.

 Green tea 

Green tea contains compounds which are useful in breaking down excess oil in the skin and help in blackhead removal. The antioxidants present also help prevent swelling in areas prone to acne. You can use dry green tea leaves to create a paste with water and use it for exfoliation. Alternatively, you can heat green tea in hot water and dab the cooled solution on the blackheads allowing for time to dry before rinsing off. This s a treatment that can be used once every day for best results. Green tea is also another great compound that has been used for years for blackhead removal.

Epsom Salts

Epsom salts are an effective remedy for blackheads because they pull the whole plug out and it can then be easily washed out during rinsing. All you need is half a cup of hot water with a few iodine droplets and one teaspoon of Epsom salts. Stir the mixture until all the slats are dissolved and leave to cool to lukewarm. Then exfoliate the face first to remove any dead skin that may hamper with the Epson salts cleansing action. Then massage the mixture into the affected areas and let it dry completely. Then rinse with warm water and dry your face. You can use this method on a daily basis.


Bentonite clay has been found to contain numerous essential minerals and has been used for centuries for black head removal and to treat skin related conditions. When used to remove blackheads, it allows the skin to absorb the nutrients while it pulls out excess oil and the plugs containing blackheads. You can create a paste of the clay using apple cider vinegar or water for those with sensitive skin. Apply a thin layer of the paste on your skin and leave it to dry for 10 to 20 minutes. Once done rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize your skin. You can use this treatment two to three times a week.